A brief history

For Moldova the evolution of neurosurgery has a very difficult path having to shape oneself, and endure the lack of specialist, and most important the inexistence of a Neurosurgical Chair till recently. This is riveting and important that, in Moldova, the first neurosurgery specialist have been formed locally only in the last 2 decades, all previous neurosurgeons had to study in other soviet countries.

The Neurosurgery Chair is one of the youngest, having specific stages of evolution within the history of our university. For starters, the well known academic debut of medicine for our country in 1945, which is related to the tragic moment in the history of humanity – WWII, and migration of the Kislovodsk Medical University to Moldova, makes the base. From that point the authentic medical values, ​​inherited by translocation, ensured the appearance of the Neurology Department, founded in 1946 having as head Professor B. Sharapov. This was the beginning, the conceiving of neurosurgery, particularly because it is where neurosurgery derived from.

Since 1972, the Neurology department is renamed reflecting the appearance of Neurosurgery as object of study. Head of Neurology – Neurosurgery and Medical Genetics Department was appointed Professor D. Gherman. The next stage in the evolution was in 1995 when the Neurosurgery course, at the retraining faculty of S.M.Ph.U. “N. Testemitanu”, was initiated, thus predicting the Neurosurgery Department appearance.

According to the Ministry of Health decision made in February 1999, the Chair of Neurosurgery is opened on September the 1st 1999, it was final, the secession of Neurosurgery from the Department of Neurology Neurosurgery and Human Genetics was done, and the academic and clinical activity started by recruiting the first students. Since then till now it is hosted by the Clinical Republican Hospital, nowadays Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery. On November 25th 1999, the official grand opening was completed, having present at the event great neurosurgery professors – Rudiger Lorenz, (Frankfurt on Main, Germany), Al. Constantinovici (Bucharest), Daniel Rosenthal (Bad Homburg, Germany), Ion Poeată (Iasi).

At the beginning of the year 2000 the pediatric clinical subdivision of the Neurosurgery chair is opened in the Mather and Child Science Center.

The chairman of the neurosurgery department is Ph.D. Gr. Zapuhlih from the beginning, heading it at this very moment having by his side a great team.